Passerelles is the Festival’s department for cultural initiatives.

Composed in fact of two departments (one educational, the other socio-artistic), Passerelles gives diverse audiences the opportunity to discover Festival life by offering them an active experience in opera. Through its dynamic approach, Passerelles has become an innovative laboratory that is continuously improving thanks to its interactions with its partners; and over its 15 years of existence, it has helped further the Festival’s regional integration.

2022 Projects


On the Festival’s website, you’ll find a series of videos coordinated by the Passerelles department: certain aim to raise public awareness of opera, while others are devoted to workshops for artistic practice. These new online resources, produced by the audio-visual department of the Festival d’Aix and reserved for Passerelles partners only, are completely free and available on demand in the Passerelles professional area of the Festival website.

If you wish to become a Passerelles partner and gain access to these resources, please contact the Passerelles management team:
Socio-artistic programme: Marie-Laure Stephan

Educational programme: Frédérique Tessier

and Frédérique Moullet

2021 in numbers

3176 participants in awareness-raising activities
293 amateurs involved in artistic projects
492 members of Opéra ON
65 educational institutions
55 associations and social institutions

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