Medinea obtained an Erasmus+ grant for its 2021-2023 programme.
Working within a tense geopolitical context, which is now aggravated by the pandemic crisis, the Medinea network is convinced that culture, artistic education, and creation is the way to approach dialogue and intercultural relations between different peoples.

With this new programme, Medinea and its partners and collaborators intend to contribute to meeting the needs of the Mediterranean cultural and creative sectors: to energise and nourish the dialogue between the countries of the Mediterranean basin and to strengthen the role of the sectors in favour of social inclusion and professional integration of young artists. The selection of artists as well as the recruitment of pedagogical teams and the elaboration of curricula are carried out with particular attention to gender equality and diversity.

The programme is coordinated by the Festival d’Aix-en-Provence, and brings together a consortium of six leading musical and cultural institutions from six countries from the Mediterranean basin:

  • Festival d’Aix-en-Provence (France)
  • Ente Musicale di Nuoro (Italy)
  • ARC Research and Consultancy (Malta)
  • Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa (Portugal)
  • University of Ljubljana – Academy of Music (Slovenia)
  • Istanbul Technical University – MIAM (Turkey)

This new programme adapts to the current health context through hybrid means of combining virtual and face-to-face activities for young artists (instrumentalists, conductors and composers) from the Euro-Mediterranean region.


Through this innovative online training programme, Medinea intends to fight against the obstacles to mobility suffered by young Euro-Mediterranean artists in the current pandemic context. Designed by using the most advanced educational resources in the Mediterranean basin, it enables young artists to train with high-level speakers from the Medinea network (teachers of a musical discipline, coaches, experienced artists, experts in the field of artistic promotion and career development, etc.).

This programme will be available from January 2022.


The symphonic session is a great opportunity for the young musicians selected to experience orchestral life in the stimulating setting of the Festival d’Aix. They benefit from the coaching of experienced artists in order to understand the great pieces of the symphonic repertoire presented to the public during concerts under the direction of the young conductor Duncan Ward, who dedicates his energy and focus on the transmission and dialogue between the music of different cultures.

Four Medinea sessions are led by Fabrizio Cassol, composer and saxophonist. Eevery training session includes a dozen young artists from various backgrounds, including jazz and traditional music of the Mediterranean. These various “constellations” compose works together, that they must then organise into a musical programme and present in concert form at the end of each residency.

The sessions will take place between January 2022 and July 2023 in Valletta (Malta), Aix-en-Provence (France), Nuoro (Italy) and Ljubljana (Slovenia).



In addition to creating spaces for dialogue between the different stakeholders of the project, professional meetings enable the partnership members to permanently assess the ongoing projects and question the network’s action. Debates and exchanges of ideas remain at the core of Medinea, with the intention to open up views, acquire strong technical skills but also the human skills essential to the consolidation of a cultural and creative sectors heavily impacted by the pandemic.

4 partnership meetings are planned between July 2021 and July 2023 in Aix-en-Provence (France), Valletta (Malta), and Ljubljana (Slovenia), as well as a conference open to the audience.

This is the third Medinea program to receive support from the European Union since 2018.




Convinced of the need to nurture a fruitful intercultural dialogue in the territory in which it is located, the Festival d'Aix-en-Provence has been pursuing a policy of openness towards the countries of the Mediterranean basin since 2008. Since 2010, it has hosted the MYO In 2014, the Region transferred the OJM to the Aix Festival.

The Medinea network was founded by the Festival d'Aix in order to create strong links between the different musical institutions of the Euro-Mediterranean basin around the MYO. Medinea currently brings together 30 partners from 17 countries. Its main mission is to support the professional integration of young Mediterranean musicians by developing intercultural projects that encourage dialogue and develop a sense of belonging to a common culture among the young citizens of the Mediterranean basin. Medinea also aims to develop exchanges between cultural professionals in order to establish the necessary conditions for the sustainable development of creative approaches in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

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